Our Kiierr 272 Premier MD laser hair cap is the premium version of our state-of-the-art laser caps. Its efficacy in hair recovery is evident by the fact that it’s used in doctors’ offices and hair restoration clinics across the United States.

Features of the Kiierr 272 Premier MD Laser Hair Cap

  • Used in doctor’s offices & hair restoration clinics. 93% clinical studies success rate.
  • Upgraded battery (hard wired for ease of use & consistency of charge, up to 3 more treatments per charge, extra life at 19000 hours life of battery).
  • Longer, wider & deeper base to promote thicker hair even on sides/back of scalp.
  • The XL is approx. 25% larger than the original for more scalp coverage. Fits up to 24″.
  • Programmed sensor technology. Cap will shut itself off if it falls off your head for increased safety.
  • No reminder beeps for increased comfort.
  • Enhanced laser panel with individual diode lasers (longer lasting more durable build).

Kiierr272Premier-MD-XL – 25% Larger Than Average Head Size Save $115 with CODE “MD
Kiierr272Premier-MD – Fits Up To 23.5" Circumference Save $115 with CODE “MD