Amazon sells literally anything we want, so naturally, people get a bit weird with it. We’ve found some of the strangest things that people can buy on Amazon – would you purchase any of these gadgets?

Nicholas Cage Pillow

We love a good Nicholas Cage movie as much as anyone. And we also love pillows. But we never quite thought we would ‘need’ this pillow of Nicholas Cage. Turns out we need it in our lives, like right now.

The Boyfriend Pillow

For some women, they actually see a benefit in a Boyfriend Pillow – after all, it doesn’t grunt, snore, or fart in bed.

A Giany Gummy Snake

The 26-pound ‘gummy goodness’ is almost eight feet long and contains 450 servings! Its shelf-life is one year, so it’s worth the investment if you like candy.

LED Shower Head Color Changer

We think showering in multi-colored water is a little weird, but we would definitely try it. It might be like playing music in the shower – something we can never stop


This one-size-fits-all device wraps around leather and suede sofas to offer a special place for your hot or cold drink. Next time you bring a cup of coffee or cold beer to watch your favorite show, you know that it will sit safely and securely by your side.

A Shaving Bib

The apron fits ‘every neck size’ and sticks itself to a mirror to keep shaving a hassle-free experience. This is a great gift for hairy men, or something girls can keep in the house next time their boyfriend comes to stay!

A Toilet Night Light

Most of us get our best ideas when we go to the toilet. Thankfully, an entrepreneur might have just helped someone with the GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight.

Retro Hot Dog Toaster

This is an item that you didn’t know you wanted until you see it work! This toaster cooks four regular-sized hot dogs at a time, as well as their buns. Now, you can warm up your hot dogs and keep them toasty before you eat them. Enjoy!


The LICKI brush is literally a tongue brush for your cat. As if cat owners needed another way to get closer to their pets. Some people lick their cats without the LICKI, but it isn’t recommended.